Ramy Saboungui

Ramy Saboungui is GFFI’s director of marketing and technology. In addition to his work here, he also works as an active creative digital strategist, educator, full-stack multimedia designer, and developer with experience in several multinational advertising agencies. He is a business catalyst and helps brands from startups to enterprises scale through strategic agile digital innovation tailored to each of their personal operations.

As a child growing up in Kuwait and Egypt, Ramy Saboungui often ventured off to sea, fishing with his dad. Little did he know how these experiences would affect him later in life, and foster interest in a sport that he never knew existed.

Ramy met Gil in Toronto decades later, where he discovered fly fishing and unlocked a realm of new possibilities and challenges. He is constantly amazed by the art and science behind fly fishing and is on a mission to learn and explore the true depths of the sport.