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Barefoot Adventures, Guyana, February 2024: Hosted Trip with Sam Lungren

Sep 9 - Sep 14 · Sheraz Khan

Join our very own Sam Lungren on the mighty Rewa River in remote, untouched southern Guyana. You’ll fish with native Macushi and Wapishana guides in the stream and its adjoined lagoons and ponds for the full suite of mind-blowing jungle species, like the “vampire fish” payara, brilliant peacock bass, muscular catfish, tricky pacu, and, of

Hunting Arapaima in Guyana

Sep 9 - Sep 14 · Sheraz Khan

Deep in the heart of the South American jungle, the rivers of Guyana play host to the largest freshwater game fish on earth – Arapaima Gigas. Guyana is one of the rare locations where these massive beasts can be caught on the fly. Due to a co-partnership between local communities, conservationists, and the government, the

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